Bite of the Bay

MB’s newest crop of contributing food fanatics share the local dishes that made them hungry for more this month.

Photo by Blair Merrills

Pork and Beef at Southwood Kitchen

“The fried pork rinds with pimento cheese app is an excellent combo of light and rich. Then, the beef on the beef tenderloin salad entree (pictured above) was perfectly prepared, and its buttermilk dressing was fresh and tasty. The atmosphere is incredibly inviting. A back room with a large fireplace will be fun with cooler weather on the way.” — Mary Courtney Cane,  President, Courtney and Morris Real Estate 

Southwood Kitchen • 1203 US-98 Suite 3D, Daphne. 626-6676

Bread Pudding at the Royal Scam

“Every time I dine at the Royal Scam, my meal is never complete without a heaping, succulent serving of bread pudding. It is enough for both my wife and me. Warm with just the right combination of cinnamon, pecans and bourbon caramel glaze, it comes topped with whipped cream. Bread pudding is a staple, and the bread pudding at the Royal Scam is at the top of the echelon.”  — Hosea London, Leader and Manager, The Excelsior Band

Royal Scam • 72 S Royal St. 432-7226

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Shrimp and Redfish at Osman’s

“My perfect dining experience began with a delectable appetizer of shrimp in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. My entree was the pan-sauteed redfish in a wonderfully seasoned Meunière sauce with a side of angel hair pasta, veggies and freshly baked bread. Pinot noir pairs beautifully with both dishes. If you want a truly unforgettable culinary experience, go to Osman’s.” — Dr. Richard Otts, Doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mobile Infirmary

Osman’s • 2579 Halls Mill Rd. 479-0006

Fried Tomatoes at Butch Cassidy’s

“I just moved to Mobile from Vermont, where fried food is uncommon. I was told I just had to try their fried green tomatoes, and they are absolutely phenomenal. They have a good batter-to-tomato ratio, and the crispiness is just right. The ranch dressing greatly enhances their flavor. I’ve had some pretty soggy fried green tomatoes at other places, so these definitely stood out.” — Dr. Ash Prakash,  Asst. Professor of Oncologic Services, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute

Butch Cassidy’s • 60 N Florida St. 450-0690

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