Catch of the Day

To highlight the chosen fresh local fish-of-the-day, The Trellis Room’s chefs often pan-sear the catch and serve with seasonal greens sautéed in house-smoked bacon. A bed of linguine in caper browned butter adds to the unique combo of tastes and aromas that greet eager diners. 

The Trellis Room at the Battle House • 26 N. Royal St. 338-2000

With four recipes from which to choose, at Osman’s there’s a preparation style for every catch preference. Try the mahi-mahi Brodett-style with garlic, capers, red wine and tomato. More options include fish sautéed in chicken or veal stock with lemon juice and white wine. 

Osman’s Restaurant • 2579 Halls Mill Road. 479-0006

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Chef Weston Simpson orders only a dozen or so pounds of in-season fish at a time, ensuring that your aquatic meal never sits around for more than a few hours. To maximize the satisfying crunchy texture, it is cooked skin-on whenever possible. Get hooked on the snapper or grouper this summer, pan-seared in butter and herbs for a delectable experience. 

Fairhope Inn • 63 S. Church St., Fairhope. 928-6226

On any given evening, Jesse’s features two to four fish dish variations. Horseradish-crusted mango snapper served with green garlic chive risotto and grilled swordfish with Mediterranean spices are examples of the creative plates.

Jesse’s Restaurant • 14770 Oak St.,  Magnolia Springs. 965-3827 

text by chelsea wallace • photo by elise Poché

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