Catching up with Rebecca Roubion

It’s been more than two years since we last spoke with Mobile native and Nashville-based singer-songwriter Rebecca Roubion. From an appearance on NPR to the recent launch of her first full-length album, the Indie pop piano artist has been making quite a bit of noise in the Music City, one keystroke at a time.

HW: You've accomplished a lot since April 2013. Describe some of the biggest milestones you’ve achieved these last few years. 

RR: Wow. Where to start. Last year I had the great honor of partnering with Dualtone Records for TV and film licensing – so a few of my songs have landed on some major network TV shows like “Bones, ” “Pretty Little Liars” and others. It's been a great partnership thus far – I've loved learning about the label-side of things, and my team there has been so gracious in coaching me as I take these next steps in my career. 

I've released a few singles, a Christmas album and toured a bit these last two years, but all the while, I've been writing and co-writing songs for my first full-length album “Sleepless Nights”, which is the main focus right now.

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HW: Tell us about your appearance on NPR. How did you land it?

RR: NPR, yeah. What a humbling experience! The show's supervisor actually contacted me earlier this year and asked if I'd be interested in being a guest on NPR Music’s “Song Travels”. Of course, I said 'yes.' Come to find out, a fan of mine works at NPR and tossed my name in the hat, so-to-speak, and the host of the show, Michael Feinstein, liked my music. So basically I have the best fans in the world. Seriously.

HW: You mentioned partnering with Dualtone Records last year. Has this had any influence on your eclectic indie pop/folk/soul musical style?

RR: It's funny, Nashville's folk scene has influenced my writing for sure, but with this new album, I feel myself going back to my roots. You'll hear more soul on this album and more piano.

HW: Last week, you launched a Kickstarter campaign for your first full-length album. How will these funds help you moving forward? How can people donate?

RR: Even though I signed with a label for TV and film, I still fund my albums independently. So, my fans’ support will actually fund the album from start to finish – production, studio time, engineer, players, mixing, mastering, album artwork, replication and marketing. I believe in these songs, and I believe in my calling to share them with people. My fans are the reason I do what I do, so I want this project to be a collaborative effort between us. Folks can check out the video on my Kickstarter page, select a special reward and come on this journey with me! 

I want my music to have a lasting impact on peoples' lives, so included in the Kickstarter's $150 tier is a bracelet I designed with Emily Howard of Consider the Wldflwrs in partnership with The Mocha Club. 20 percent of the proceeds for this tier will go to the education of hundreds of children in need overseas.

HW: What's next on your agenda? Any upcoming shows planned in Mobile?

RR: I'll be touring on the Christmas album again this year, and I'm coming to play at The Listening Room in Mobile on December 18. I'll also be playing an intimate wine and cheese night at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Fairhope on December 21, which will be special. In the new year, so long as it's funded (fingers crossed!),  we'll be getting geared up for the “Sleepless Nights” release!

Text by Hanlon Walsh

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