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Tag: People

The Mardi Gras Master of Make-Believe

John Augustus Walker changed the world of float design and made Mobile’s Mardi Gras a sight to behold.

Night Fishing

A poignant coming-of-age story reflects life on the Bay.

The Amazing Life of Frye Gaillard

Explore the life and impact of an activist writer with storied perspectives.

Gulf Coast Sound and Screen

Three music and film professionals work the ropes of the entertainment industry from the heart of Baldwin County.

Spotlight: Yael Girard

MB talks coastal conservation and public awareness with the endlessly energetic director of the Weeks Bay Foundation.

What’s Old is New

Bridging historic and contemporary is the secret to chic entertaining for one Mobile couple.

Advocating for Change

Three Bay-area moms began a journey to pursue safer personal care products for their families and found themselves advocating for legislative changes that could impact generations.

An Eye for Design

Five local tastemakers wear the latest spring looks that perfectly show off their design sensibilities.

Meet the Regulars

Four groups of Bay Area men shoot the bull about drag racing, politics and the best way to catch a snapping turtle.

Down at the Docks

Work a shift at Mobile’s waterfront, a major economic driver for the State of Alabama.

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