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Tag: People

Passing the Torch

Ann Druhan shares memories from decades spent teaching Mobile’s children the finer points of life.

Mobile Bay’s 2017 Class of 40 Under 40

This year’s young leaders have professional savvy, big hearts and lots to say — so listen up. Our future’s looking bright.

It’s in the Cards

Mobile’s most famous tarot card reader holds our future in her hands.

Not Your Usual Duck Hunt

Mobilian Howard Harper reflects on a lifelong search for the perfect duck decoy.

Angels on Earth

This time of year gets people thinking about giving back. For many Mobilians, though, “giving back” is simply a way of life year-round. Here, meet a handful of locals who take philanthropy to a whole new level.

The Doctor is In

Meet the scientist behind Alabama’s oyster farming movement, a transplant from up east who has made his mark down south.

Spotlight: Craig Barbarin Jr., Port City Preps

When it comes to healthful food around the Bay, this cook and his business are ready to impress with service, knowledge and flavor.

The Recruits

True stories of how coaches win at the game of recruiting top players.

The Globe-trotter

Herndon Radcliff takes a swing at the 2017 World Cup Polo match in Australia, trying to make a career out of the “sport of kings.”

A View To A Room

A room can inspire, comfort, challenge or impress. MB took a peek inside these eight unique spaces, a glimpse into the world of the person who created them.

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