Wedding Planning

The True Life of a Bay Bride

When my best friend asked me to marry him, naturally, I said “Yes!” Immediately afterwards, the whirlwind of excitement and planning began. 10 Months...

6 Ways to Get the Groom Involved

Every man knows the wedding day belongs to the bride. But many are often unaware that their disinterest in planning may be mistaken for cold feet. Here’s how...

It Had to be You

When Harry met Sally, he was kissing another girl. And when they ran into each other again years later, she was kissing another man. From the get-go, they despised...

All for the Little Ones: Wedding Joy

Five clever ways to keep kids entertained on your big day

Make the Most of your Toast

A few clinks on a champagne flute send a hush over a room of guests eager to hear the words you prepared for the bride and groom. Don’t panic!...

Festive Finales

An important party skill is not only knowing when, but also how to leave. Gone are the days when it was acceptable for you and your hubby...

Fair Maidens

Sometimes girls just want to have fun, especialy when it comes time to say “I do.” Nothing beats that child-like, carefree excitement of a day at...


Romance takes shape in the form of flowy, lyrical fabrics and structured, corseted bodices. Ballet-inspired silhouettes evoke the beauty and posture of a graceful dancer. The...

Crisis Averted

Check out these must-know tips for keeping your cool during wedding-day dilemmas.

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