Going Gonzo

The plan was to have no agenda: putter out of Dauphin Island early, hug the coast, stop whenever, explore wherever, dock in Biloxi, nightcap at the casinos. The next morning, head back east; putter some more, visit some barrier islands, fish a little, take some pictures along the way.

Mother Nature had other ideas.

Captain George Cunningham, photographer Major Adam Colbert, and MB publisher Jocko Potts spent a couple of days dodging storms along the Mississippi Sound, braving rough waters and loving every minute of it.

“That was an adventure, man, ” says Major, a Birmingham native making his first trip to the area. “At every single turn I experienced something new.” Major, dubbed “Gonzo” by Jocko, left a corporate job in Miami to pursue photography. Nothing about the scruffy, long-haired 28-year-old throwback says “corporate.” He’s an outdoorsman and a storyteller. Walking the shore, in a camouflage vest and carrying camera equipment, he looked like a gonzo journalist from the ’60s covering Southeast Asia, thus the nickname.

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Gonzo gave us a first-hand account of the two-day jaunt along the Alabama and Mississippi coasts:

Stephen Potts

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