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Stephen Potts

Stephen Potts

How to Build a Football Stadium

University of South Alabama Athletic Director Joel Erdmann walks us through the ultimate DIY project: Hancock Whitney Stadium. Here is his step-by-step guide on how to build your own football field.

Wheeling & Dealing

A small local woodshop is carving skateboards with cutting-edge techniques and super-cool designs — and celebrities can’t get enough of them.

Turkey Tales Too

ABOVE Dr. Albert Haas organized the first Jamboree in 1999, a knock-off of his friend Walter Tutt’s version of the competition. It was later named the...

The Amazing Life of Jules Mugnier

Hitting home runs, slamming dunks, serving success: He’s the King Midas of sports, turning all he touches into gold.

The Baldwin County Brain Game

1) Baldwin County’s namesake, Abraham Baldwin, founded what SEC school? 2) Where did Daphne get its name? 3) What was the last major Coast...

Mobile A-Z

A is for Ashland Place, the iconic neighborhood beloved by many locals for its Craftsman- and Victorian-style homes and quaint sidewalks. Known for the church, preschool,...

Our Catholic Forebearers

Catholics, perhaps more than any other local group, have a history and existence that is tightly woven together with that of the Bay area. Their story...

Whence all those Inges

The Inaugural Inge In the mid-18th century, Ben Franklin was flying his famous kite, and the first shots of the French and Indian War were...

Going Gonzo

The plan was to have no agenda: putter out of Dauphin Island early, hug the coast, stop whenever, explore wherever, dock in Biloxi, nightcap at the casinos. The next...

Camp Beckwith of Yesterday

In 1932, the family of the late Episcopal Bishop C.M. Beckwith donated his summer home on the west side of Weeks Bay to the Diocese of Alabama. The...

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