The Baldwin County Brain Game

1) Baldwin County’s namesake, Abraham Baldwin, founded what SEC school?

2) Where did Daphne get its name?

3) What was the last major Coast Guard ship to sink in WWII?

4) What does “Perdido” mean?

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5) What was Pleasant Hill’s original name?

6) What Baldwin County native said, “I don’t know that I was wilder than most.”

7) In 1824, a Mobile paper wrote this about the passing of what Baldwin County resident? “[He] is at length vanquished, the destroyer is conquered, the hand which so profusely dealt death and desolation … is stilled.”

8) Match the community with its predominant early settlers:
1. Daphne
2. Silverhill
3. Fairhope
4. Malbis
5. Elberta
6. Summerdale

a. Greeks
b. Quakers
c. Swedes
d. Germans
e. Poles
f. Italians

9) Who was Prince Madoc?

10) What happened in Mobile Bay on Dec. 1, 1885?

11) What community’s name means “safe harbor?”

12) What B.C. fort did the British attack twice?

13) What notorious figure supposedly posed as a doctor in Baldwin County for a brief period in the 1870s?

14) What do the elder George Bush, Bob Hope, Margaret Thatcher and Sally Field share in common?

15) Match the author with the title:
1. Rick Bragg
2. Fannie Flagg
3. Winston Groom
4. Watt Key
5. W.E.B. Griffith

a. “Such a Pretty, Pretty Girl”
b. “Dirt Road Home”
c. “Retreat, Hell!”
d. “The Prince of Frogtown”
e. “Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man”

Finished? Or just plain stumped? Click here for the answers!

text by Stephen Potts • mural by Dean Mosher

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