Mandy McMahon & Hunter Payne

Engagement Date

November 20, 2016

Wedding Date

October 28, 2017

Ceremony Location

St. Joseph Chapel at Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL

Reception Location

Mobile Carnival Museum, Mobile, AL

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How They Met

Hunter and I both went to South Alabama. It was my sophomore year at South, and his freshman year when we met in August of 2010. We had mutual friends in our History class which made us sit near one another. One day one of our good friends Myles introduced us in class. From that point on, each time we had class together we would sit by each other. In November of 2010 we started dating and have been together for over 6 years!

How He Proposed

The morning of November 20, 2016 (which was a Sunday), Hunter and I went to church with two of our good friends, Austin and Anna. After church was over, Austin asked what our plans were for the rest of the day. Hunter and I both answered that, “It is actually our 6-year Anniversary today, and we were thinking about going to get brunch to celebrate.” Austin replied back and asked if we wanted to, would we possibly want to go out to Camp Grace for the day since it was such a gorgeous day outside. Camp Grace is a very special place to Hunter and I that we have told Austin and Anna all about, but neither of them have ever been there before. Hunter and I said of course we can go out there, we never turn down an opportunity to spend the day at Camp Grace (and what a perfect place to spend our anniversary)!

Before we headed to camp, Hunter texted Melissa who is the head of camp asking if it was alright that we go out there. Melissa said of course, but there was a group out there and a photographer taking pictures of camp, but that we shouldn’t be in their way. Austin and Anna followed us out to camp. On the way there, Austin and Anna called saying they unexpectedly had a family emergency and couldn’t make it, but they told us everything was okay and for us to go camp and enjoy our anniversary (little did I know there wasn’t an emergency!) When Hunter and I got to camp, he dropped me off at the Pavilion. I went to walk around a little bit, and I noticed that Hunter wasn’t anywhere to be found. All the sudden he texted me saying to come down to the “island” which is on the lake at camp. I walk over there, and he tells me to close my eyes. I hear footsteps in two different directions. Hunter tells me to open my eyes, and when I do, he is on one knee with a rose in his hand, and Chad Riley (a photographer I have always loved) was on the Island taking pictures. I was very confused and shocked at what was going on. Hunter handed me the rose and then asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES! And as soon as he got off of his knee, I hear yelling of celebration. The “group that was at camp” was about 30 of our family and friends! Hunter pulled off the BEST surprise, and it couldn’t have been at a more special place that it SO close to both of our hearts!


Photographer Chad Riley Photography

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