Mobile Bay’s Top 15 Photos of 2013


ABOVE LEFT Explore the history of the iconic, wooden seacraft and locals’ obsession with it. Published in “The Life and Times of a Stauter, ” October 2013. Photo by Matthew Wood.

ABOVE RIGHT “I want to make it clear that I am not hyperbolizing when I say that I ran away from my castle home and joined the circus. It’s true. It happened. It is happening. And I’m having a blast.” – Megrez Ravel Mosher. Published in “Princess Aerial, ” June 2013. Photo by Brock Larsen.

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ABOVE Lively blue and gold macaws are known for their vibrant hues and stellar conversation skills. Published in “Face to Face with Nature, ” June 2013. Photo by Kathy Hicks.

ABOVE A male green anole, displays his bold, pink dewlap in hopes of scoring a date. Published in “Face to Face with Nature, ” June 2013. Photo by Kathy Hicks.


ABOVE LEFT Symone “Spoon” French says her sense of style and self-expression is one of her best attributes. Published in “What Makes You Beautiful?” April 2013. Photo by Matthew Coughlin.

ABOVE RIGHT An embroidered, lace “chaquetilla” is a stylish nod to the Spanish rule of Mobile. Published in “The Edge of Allegiance, ” September 2013. Photo by Devin Ford.

ABOVE Flora-Bama legends gather to discuss the history of the the world-famous beach bar which has improbably survived the decades, hurricanes and even Kenny Stabler in his prime. Published in “Let the Record Show, ” July 2013. Photo by Matthew Coughlin.


ABOVE Jason Thomas (left) and Johnny Gwin (right) channel their inner Don Draper. Published in “The ‘Mad Men’ of the Bay, ” January 2013. Photos by Matthew Coughlin.

ABOVE Bayou La Batre entrepreneur Steve Crockett raises name-brand oysters on the Gulf Coast. Published in “Couture Oysters, ” October 2013. Photo by Todd Douglas.


ABOVE LEFT Chef Michael Sichel makes the preparation of light and airy traditional French crepes seem simple enough for his apprentice sous chef. Published in “The Culinary Sorcerer, ” November 2013. Photo by Todd Douglas.

ABOVE RIGHT Magee Farm is one of the most historical properties in Mobile County. Yet many Bay-area residents are oblivious even to the home’s existence. Now, with the Civil War site facing a future of uncertainty, one daunting question remains: Doesn’t anyone care about Magee Farm? Published in “Losing the Last Appomattox, ” March 2013. Photo by Todd Douglas.

ABOVE Steak from Gambino’s Original Italian Grill in Fairhope. Published in “Tastings: Gambino’s Original Italian Grill, ” November 2013. Photo by Ashley Rowe.

ABOVE “You come here to be outdoors, ” says Janie Paul, manager of the Stagecoach Café. “If I had a day off in Stockton, I would sit on my pier and stare at the water.” Published in “Stoppin’ By Stockton, ” June 2013. Photo by Kathy Hicks.

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