No-Fuss Food

Summer and casual dining go hand in hand. Here are 10 of our favorite easy eats (think tacos, pizza, nachos, etc.) from local restaurants. Silverware optional!

Photo by Elise Poché

1. The Chicken Funghi

Mediterranean Sandwich Co. • 274 Dauphin St. | 3702 Airport Blvd. | 2502-2 Schillinger Rd. S | 6890 Us Hwy 90, Daphne.

Chow down on this warm, stone-toasted flatbread stuffed with ​rotisserie chicken, fresh spinach, mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese and pesto mayonnaise. A side of the spinach-tomato orzo pasta is the perfect accompaniment.


Photos by Elise Poché, Elizabeth Gelineau

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2. Smoked Duck Nachos

OK Bicycle Shop • 661 Dauphin St.

A mountain of crispy tortillas slathered with jack cheese, pickled jalapeño,  pico de gallo, cabbage, a trio of sauces and chunks of smoked duck. Make sure you bring a friend to share.

3. Brisket Sandwich

Meat Boss • 5401 Cottage Hill Rd.

Meat Boss’ famous brisket is oh so tender. Put it on a toasted sweet bun, round-top bun, wrap, sourdough bread, on a spud, or enjoy it naked, with or without Boss Sauce (sweet, sweet and spicy, Carolina, Spicy Carolina or White BBQ). So many choices!

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

4. The Clipper

Heroes Sports Bar and Grille • 36 Hillcrest Rd. | 273 Dauphin St.

This towering sandwich features smoked turkey breast and bacon topped with sautéed mushrooms, monterey jack cheese and a tangy secret sauce on grilled sourdough bread.


Photos by Elizabeth Gelineau, Elise Poché

5. Basil Pesto and Bacon Mozzarella Toastie

The Cheese Cottage • 650 St. Louis St.

The Cottage’s version of a panini is warm and crispy, filled with super-fresh melted mozz and thick applewood smoked bacon on multigrain bread. The bite of fresh arugula rounds out the flavors.

6. Gulf Shrimp Po’Boy

Roosters Latin American Food • 211 Dauphin St.

Fresh Gulf shrimp are tossed in the secret Roosters dry rub and seared, then served on New Orleans Leidenheimer French bread. Homemade guacamole, fresh pico de gallo, local hydroponic lettuce and a little citrus aioli complete the perfect po’boy.

Photo by Blair Merrills

​7. Cheeseburger

Five • 609 Dauphin St.

This ultra-popular, lip-smacking cheeseburger has two tasty patties with melted American cheese, bacon, tomato and onion relish all on a slightly sweet, buttery brioche bun.


Photo by Todd Douglas, Elise Poché

8. Fried Crab Claws

Lighthouse Restaurant • 12495 County Rd 23, Irvington.

It’s the signature dish at the Lighthouse, and for good reason. Plump crab, fried to perfection. It doesn’t get much better than that.

9. Moe Nachos

Moe’s Original Bar B Que • 701 Springhill Ave. | 4672 Airport Blvd. | 6423 Bayfront Park Dr., Daphne.

A heaping portion of homemade potato chips,  smoked barbecue or chicken,  nacho cheese,  red onions and pickled jalapeños, all slathered in plenty of the black pepper-heavy, traditional sauce. On top of all that? Some tangy white barbecue sauce, just for good measure.

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

10. The Midtowner

Red or White Wine • 1104 Dauphin St.

Chef Arwen Rice does not disappoint with this thin crust wood-fired pizza. Featuring San Marzanos plum tomatoes, Burrata mozzarella cheese, wood-roasted seasonal vegetables and fresh arugula, this pie has an amazingly fresh taste that will keep you coming back for more.

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