Not Your Average Cuppa Joe

1. On the Rocks

If you ask Serda’s regulars what to order, they’ll recommend anything with coffee ice cubes. Yes, coffee ice cubes. They keep your drink chilled without watering it down. We suggest trying these beauties with their iced caramel macchiato, above.

Serda’s Coffee Company • 3 S. Royal St. 415-3000. 

2. Slippery Slope

The Alpine Mocha at Spring Hill’s go-to java nook puts all other white chocolate mochas to shame. Order this addictive option with whole milk, or go with 2 percent for a more calorie-friendly treat.

Carpe Diem • 4072 Old Shell Road. 304-0448. 

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3. Dessert in a Cup

Afternoon pick-me-ups just don’t get better than this: iced coffee made with ice cream. The Black Velvet version features chocolate and espresso – a winning combo.

Cream and Sugar • 351 George St. 405-0003. 

4. Not a Latte Problems

Even on vacation, coffee is an essential. The Southern Grind at The Wharf offers a decadent Salted Caramel Latte. This sweet and savory indulgence is perfect for a leisurely morning before a long day at the beach.

The Southern Grind • 4751 Main St., Suite 116, Orange Beach. 923-3265. 

5. Ice, Ice, Tasty

The Grasshopper Icerageous puts a new spin on frothy, blended Starbucks sips. This refreshing frozen delicacy boasts rich chocolate mixed with mint. 

Coffee Loft • 503 N Section St., Fairhope. 929-2299.

text by Mary Beth Lursen • photo by ASHLEY ROWE

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