Notable Women 2019: Chappell Brady, Hemline

When Chappell Brady moved to Mobile, she recognized that a common concern with local ladies was a lack of shopping. Coincidentally, opening a ladies’ boutique had always been one of her dreams. The stars aligned, and Brady opened her happy place, Hemline, in 2012, where she loves the sweet customers and, of course, the clothes.

Photo by Chad Riley

What sets your business apart from your competitors?
Hemline offers a variety of styles at a variety of price points, and we have something for everyone.

My biggest competitor is myself. I’m always looking for ways to improve, and Hemline is as well.

We have an amazing team and enjoy feedback and working with our customers; we strive to provide the ladies of Mobile with what they need. That means providing options for all styles and receiving new shipments almost daily. You can check out our Instagram for new arrivals!

Why did you get into your field?
Opening a new business was something that I dove into feet-first. Being open for seven years is a huge accomplishment; it wasn’t always easy. I remember calling my mom when I first opened, thrilled that there was someone waiting to get in the door. For me, it’s all about celebrating the little every day accomplishments and milestones. 

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Who is your perfect client?
There is no perfect customer. There are so many inspirational women in my life and the community.

Any compliment about the shop or a sales associates from a customer goes such a long way and is so appreciated. I also have the honor of working with young ladies that are learning from their experience at the shop every day, and I hope to encourage them to also brighten people’s days. We want our customers to feel that when they come in the door.

4356 Old Shell Rd., Suite B • 287-6875 • @hemlinemobile

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