Notable Women 2019: Jennie M. Campbell, CMP, CMM, PMP

CEO/President, Stewart Steelwood Investments, dba “The Stewart Lodges”

Photo by Chad Riley

What sets your business apart?
The Stewart Lodges is in the business of connecting and creating great teams. In our area, growth and change are inevitable, challenges are on the horizon, and decisions need to be made. As business leaders, we recognize that we need to take time to research and understand the upcoming growth and change that is already affecting our businesses. At The Stewart Lodges, we are embracing this exciting time for both the Mobile and Baldwin county areas.

How are you on the cutting edge of your field?
As the CEO/President of The Stewart Lodges, I am excited about the opportunities on the horizon, especially for small businesses. Having overseen our investment since 2003, I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch this emerging and sustainable economy. Mobile has been the cornerstone of the four critical areas of infrastructure — airways, highways, railways and waterways — making our area very attractive to foreign investment companies. This has caused a continual expansion of the manufacturing sector, creating an environment of entrepreneurism and small business opportunity. The Stewart Lodges is grateful that we have been a benefactor of this growth and process.

Where do you go from here?
Business is about people and connections. As CEOs, we invest in our visions, but I believe it is now time to invest in our people. By understanding change and embracing change, we will not only survive but thrive in this exciting time of opportunity for all businesses in Mobile and surrounding areas. I am grateful and thankful to be part of this amazing time, and our support will continue for this dynamic area. Thank you to Mobile and Baldwin counties for embracing us as investors and for incorporating The Stewart Lodges into your beautiful communities. Onward and upward, Mobile!

32311 Waterview Drive E • Loxley, Alabama • 251-602-1300

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