Ode to Joy


ABOVE LEFT For Buck Baker, it’s great fun to stroll atop his dad Stephen’s shoulders. “Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family, especially my babies, Buck, 3, and Hallie Inge, 15 months, ” says Stephen. Photo by Keyhole Photo

ABOVE RIGHT Sisters Mimi and Chaney Jones share secrets and giggles on a late afternoon bike ride at the beach. The girls’ stepmom, Natalie Jones, says, “It doesn’t get any better than spending time with your family at the beach. There are fewer life distractions which gives us more time to spend with each other.” Photo by Adair Freeman

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ABOVE Bride Brooke O’Donnell Million and her beloved 89-year-old grandmother, Yo’ Ma (Polly Smyke), celebrate. “On our wedding day, I was thankful we had our only living grandparent with us. We danced the night away and created more family memories.” Photo by Keyhole Photo

ABOVE “Point Clear has long been a special place for me, ” says Nigel Glenday. “On the morning of my wedding, my best man proposed an impromptu Sunfish regatta. We lined up in the yard for the start and leapt into the steamy June air toward the beach to push our sailboats out in the Bay.” Photo by Keyhole Photo

ABOVE Bride Brittany Rickert Callaway reveals her wedding gown to her elated bridesmaids: Lauren Riegle, Becca Chancey, Jean Peake, Leighton Noel, Blakeley Sisk, Leslie Lake and Cherlyn Roubion. Photo by Chad Riley


ABOVE LEFT Youth baseball players at Municipal Park listen to words of encouragement from their coach, Donye Woodyard, before stepping up to the plate. Joe DiMaggio once said about the thrill of opening day, “You look forward to it like a birthday party when you’re a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.” Photo by Major Adam Colbert

ABOVE RIGHT Choir members at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church lift their voices in praise and worship in accordance with the scripture: “Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth; Break forth and sing for joy and sing praises.” Psalm 98:4. Photo by Major Adam Colbert

ABOVE Father of the bride Vance McCown cuts a rug at daughter Kirsten’s wedding reception at the Athelstan Club. “This was such a great day for my whole family, ” he says. Photo by Keyhole Photo

ABOVE John and Katie Erdlitz welcome baby Caroline. “This was that first ‘hello’ in person. It’s a look of surprise, love, joy and relief, mixed with a little fear of the unknown. We had waited nine months to see her and talk to her face to face, ” says the proud new dad. “And she is more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.” Photo by Wendy Wilson

ABOVE “Here, the groom, Brandon Deihl, is hugging his brother after he gave one of the best toasts I’ve ever heard, ” says wedding photographer Chad Riley. The bride, Katy Walker Deihl, dries happy tears.

From the Mouths of Babes

MB posed questions to local children. Here are their musings in their own words. Note: Second graders’ responses are in their own spelling and punctuation; kindergarteners’ were dictated to their teachers.

What does joy mean to you? 

“Well, what brings Joy to me is when my momy hugs me. Joy mean alote to me I hope evrey kid and grownup has joy.”  — Murphy, second grade,  UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“Joy means happy and your familys love. Joy means when hollidays come.” — Camden, second grade,  UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“Joy to me is family, friends and a happy life. I am glad to have my family. Friends have got your back.” — Jett, second grade, UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“I like joy because it makes me happy when ever I am down on my luck. Now remember kids if you see somebody down on ther luck ask them to play with you and your frends.” — Andy, second grade,  UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“Joy makes me happy because it just maks me happy. Joy makes me happy whin I win something.
Joy can mean something elts but i don’t know them.” — Thomas, second grade,  UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“When I have joy in my body is when I listen to my mom and dad. Becase I love my mom and dad even though they are mean sometimes.” — Ellie, second grade,  UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“Joy means you are felling rilly rilly rilly great. I fell joy when it is my birthday.” — Hunter, second grade,  UMS-Wright Preparatory School

“Joy is when God shares his love with us.” — Lucy, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

Jags linebacker Maleki Harris bursts onto the field at Ladd-Peebles Stadium just before their 2013 win over Louisiana-Monroe.

What brings you joy? 

“The whole world brings me joy, because people live there. People that will help you if you are hurt and there are lots of people, so I can make new friends and buy them presents. God also brings me joy because he’s the best. He made everything in the whole wide world and he helps everyone.” — Catherine, Kindergarten,  St. Luke’s Episcopal school

“My dad brings me joy. He lets me go hunting with him.” — Carsten, Kindergarten, St. Luke’s Episcopal School

“My pet squirrel, Olaf. We found him as a baby but then we let him go back to nature.” — Russ, Kindergarten,  St. Luke’s Episcopal School

“My cat, Sprout, because I play with her a lot. My mom brings me joy because she gives me lots of hugs and kisses.” — Ellianna, Kindergarten,  St. Luke’s Episcopal School

“My teacher brings me joy. I love her very much.” — Niyah, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“My toys bring me joy.” — Eleanor, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“My lunch, which will make me big and strong.” — David, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“Candy, lots and lots of candy.” — Putnam, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“Play-Doh and when God created me.” — Archer, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“All the pretty flowers.” — Makayla, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“God’s beautiful world.” — Kohen, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

“Riding four-wheelers brings me joy. And barbecue ribs.” — Harrison, K4, Dauphin Way Baptist Child Development Center

text by Lawren Largue

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