Port City (Trivial) Pursuit

1. Legend has it the Copeland outlaw gang buried ____________________ in water-proof kegs in Wragg Swamp, the name of the area where Bel Air Mall is located today. Supposedly, it was never recovered.

2. Former Mobilian and Murphy standout, __________________________, was the first quarterback to play for coach Paul “Bear” Bryant at the University of Alabama.

3. Mobile-born big leaguer, __________________________, hit the first home-park home run in 1965 for the newly franchised Atlanta Braves.

4. How long did the Battle of Mobile Bay last?
       A. 30 min.
       B. 5 hours
       C. 1 day
       D. 2 weeks

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5. T or F  In 1959, the City of Mobile banned women from wearing high heels.

6. _________________________ prayed for protection against hurricanes as long as he lived and none hit the Mobile area until three years after his death.

7. Art patrons who frequent downtown probably don’t know that businessman, contractor and philanthropist Dave Patton built __________________________ in 1927.

8.  A downtown landmark, there once was a cemetery where ______________ stands today. The remains of those early French and Spanish settlers were moved to the Church Street Cemetery shortly after it opened in 1819.

9. The City of Mobile is known as the City of Six Flags. Can you name all six? _______________, ________________, __________________, _______________, __________________, _________________

10.  Mobile’s oldest tree is considered to be ___________________ on Caroline Avenue, thought to have been alive when our nation was founded. 

11. Father Pierre Ladavi’ere, S.J., the priest who successfully served excommunication on ______________________________, is buried at Spring Hill College.

12. Albert Stein (1787-1874), once a hydraulic engineer for Napoleon, developed Mobile’s first public ______________________.

13.  What used to be located on St. Anthony Street where Dunbar Middle School currently stands?
       A. A farmer’s market
       B. A law school
       C. A medical school
       D. A library

14.  Andrew Jackson and his Tennessee Volunteers were headquartered in Mobile before the Battle of ___________________ during the War of 1812.

15.  The Mobile causeway opened in what year?
       A. 1927
       B. 1934
       C. 1940
       D. 1951

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