Rebecca Roubion Returns Home for Album Release

From completing her first full-length album to planning her own wedding, it's been quite the whirlwind for Mobile native, Nashville based singer-songwriter Rebecca Roubion over the past six months since we last spoke with her. On Sunday May 1, she returns back home to the Port City to release her new record “Sleepless Nights” at the Merry Widow in downtown Mobile. 

HW: You've had quite the journey since we last spoke in October. Tell us how the last six months have been for you. 

RR: With the help of some nice folks who like my music, I was able to raise support to make my first LP. Which was both challenging and humbling. I was able to record this incredible album with people I admire and trust, and I'm really proud of the songs we got on the album. I also got engaged during this time, which was a whirlwind! Now, I'm prepping for a wedding and a record release all within the same month, and I'm so unbelievably happy, excited and blessed. 

HW: Last time we talked, you were also launching a kickstarter campaign to help fund your new record. How did that help you get where you are today?

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RR: I'm so thankful for the hands that were a part of this project. In addition to making the album physically possible, the emotional support and encouragement I received from these fans infused the project with creativity and energy. To have folks behind what you're doing as an artist increases your drive to hone your craft and make it the best work of art it can be.

HW: What can we expect to hear from the new record? Is this a similar style to your previous work, or should we be expecting something different?

RR: It's got a different flavor! Someone once told me my previous albums were like an expensive merlot. If that's true, the new album is like a prohibition era's gin and tonic. 

HW: You recently performed at French Quarter Fest in New Orleans and will be at the Merry Widow in downtown Mobile this weekend. Are you making other stops to promote the new record, or will you be headed back to work in the Music City?

RR: Musicians Corner in Nashville is promoting a release party here on May 11 at the Family Wash. After that, I have a small gig or two, but I'll be focused on becoming a wife! I'll be playing a handful of shows this summer after the wedding.

HW: Growing up in Mobile, who were some of your earliest musical influences that inspired you to become a musician? What do you think of the music scene here in Mobile today? 

RR: I loved James Taylor and Elton John and Carole King. My dad's an awesome bassist and guitarist. I love Mobile, and I feel like the scene is growing a lot. I'm excited to see places like the Merry Widow and the Steeple shooting up. 

HW: What do you look forward to most when returning home for a visit or performance? 

RR: Seeing my family! Eating my mom's cooking and a Callaghan's burger.

HW: How can fans grab a copy of your new album? How can they keep up with what you're doing?

RR: Sleepless Nights is available on iTunes, my website, and I'll have copies at the Merry Widow this Sunday! I'm on all the social inter webs @rebeccaroubion. I love sending folks treats via my email list, too (which they can sign up for here). 

Text by Hanlon Walsh • Photo by Andrea Behrends

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