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Tag: Art + Entertainment

Poetry Slam

Mobile Public Library’s Slam-O-Rama allows kids to express themselves creatively through poetry. Learn the history behind the competition and meet this year’s winners.

A Mobile Classic Turns 70

“Remember Mobile” — a romantic, affectionate look at our past in prose and drawings — is a book still worth remembering.

Book Excerpt: “A Hard Rain” by Frye Gaillard

In just seconds, the death of Robert Kennedy extinguishes the hope of a nation.

2018 Summer Reading List

Long summer days are the perfect time to foster a love for reading in our kids. With the help of local psychologist Dr. Katie Penry, sideline the screens and check out these books instead.

A Dream Deferred

A Southern fiction novel details two sisters and the storms they must weather.

Earth, Fire and Community

An artist passionate about woodfiring creates a sense of camaraderie in Fairhope.

The Exhibitionists

MB explores the complex ins and outs of installing a fine art exhibition at the Mobile Museum of Art with the people who make it run like clockwork.

A Closer Look

Colleen Comer asks Mobile native and Los Angeles-based Kathryn Andrews to demystify the contemporary art world, from one artist to another.

The Home Advantage

Inexpensive admissions, attentive audiences and friendly vibes are making house concerts popular with music fans, guest artists and the sponsoring hosts.

Making Music

For the Mobile Symphony Orchestra’s 20th anniversary, bass player and Mobile newcomer Taylor Hollyer reflects back and looks forward.

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