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Adrian Hoff

Adrian Hoff

Signs of the Times

A handicraft that faded out in the 1980s attracts a bright new star in Andy Scott.

Earth, Fire and Community

An artist passionate about woodfiring creates a sense of camaraderie in Fairhope.

Flying Sparks

As I arrive at Frank Ledbetter’s Theodore art gallery, I’m captivated by the massive stainless steel eagle standing out front. I’ve seen it before, sitting unfinished on a...

Bravo Italiana

Daphne, Alabama. A moniker rooted in Greek mythology, but an identity steeped in Italian culture. Immigrants with names such as Luigi, Domenico, Guiseppe, Vittorio...

Scenic Views

For those of us with aging memories of the sparsely populated agrarian landscape that once defined the area, today’s drive through Baldwin County from Daphne or Malbis to...

Dynamic Duo

Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron attract a lot of attention these days, as major participants in a revitalization of performance art, a medium popular in the 1960s....

All Along the Waterfront

The dunes of Fort Morgan and the gentle waves of the Gulf waters are natural muses for artist Claudia Hodges. Most of her colorful acrylics depict water-related subjects, ...

Touched by Art

Ricky Trione wears an apron with the inspirational verse, “Walk by faith, not by sight.” The same applies to his painting. Trione is blind. However, ...

A Portfolio of Recollections

Judy Aronson always wanted to be an artist. She majored in art education at New York’s Skidmore College in the ’60s. But one difficult temporary job (replacing a New...

Guitar Hero

Fairhope’s image as a haven for major-talent artisans went up a notch recently, when master luthier Roger Fritz left Mendocino, Calif., to set up shop...

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