Sichel's Picks

1) Mortar and Pestle
“I use a stone one that is large enough to make olive tapenade and even guacamole in. I like grinding all my spices from seeds.”

Le Creuset • 2601 McKenzie St., Suite 170, Foley. 943-7600.

2) 2-quart Sauce Pot
“It’s the perfect size for just about all home cooking for a family of four or less. It’s my go-to for rice and sauces.”

Mobile Fixture • 1155 Montlimar Drive. 342-0455. 

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3) Mallet
“I like to pound scallopinis of meat for breading or quick grill. Slice and serve over salads or sandwiches.” Mobile Fixture

4.      5. 

4) Kitchen Aid Mixer with all the attachments
“This machine assists you with so many different techniques from pastries to doughs.” Mobile Fixture

5) Pressure Cooker
“I recently learned why to use a pressure cooker. I fell in love with its speed and how many ingredients I can cook in it.” (Fagor brand shown.)

Williams-Sonoma • Eastern Shore Centre, Spanish Fort. 625-6229. 

6.   7.         8.

6) Blender 
“This is a must if you want the smoothest soups and purees.” Mobile Fixture

7) Chef’s Knife and Steel 
“Most people never use their steel. It keeps your knives sharp and easy to use.” (Knork, featured on “Top Chef: New Orleans, ” recently debuted their chef knives.)

Dillard’s • 3300 Bel Air Mall. 471-1551. 

8) Wooden Spoons Only
“I like the way wood feels when working in a pot or pan.”  Le Creuset

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