Some Things to Remember

Your wedding is approaching quickly. All the plans are set. However, you’ve forgotten something. Actually, you’ve forgotten a few certain “somethings.” Don’t stress, here are a few suggestions for each “something” to ensure your day goes exactly as you imagined.

Represents the bride’s link to her family and the past

• Display each of your parents’ and/or grandparents’ wedding photos at your reception for a sweet antique.
• Use a piece of a family member’s (mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.) wedding dress to wrap around your bouquet. Old lace is an elegant accent.
• Drive away from your reception in style in an antique car.

Represents hope and optimism for good fortune and success in the future

• Incorporate your new monogram somewhere in your wedding decor or even stitch your initials into the lining of your wedding dress.
• Your something new could also go underneath your dress. Purchase some new lingerie just for the big day. 
• Instead of donning a family heirloom, splurge on a new piece just for you on your special day. Who knows, you may even hand it down one day.

An item borrowed from a happily married woman that is thought to lend good fortune to the bride

• Use a tie from one of the men in your family to wrap around your bouquet. The pop of color and silky fabric will complement your bouquet and add a sweet touch.
• Borrow vows or a wedding reading from your parents or a couple you look up to. 
• Incorporate a flower from a loved one’s garden into your bouquet or floral scheme. 

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A symbol of love, fidelity and purity

• Sew a tiny blue heart into your dress over your heart.It makes for a simple but sentimental addition.
• If blue shoes are too daring, paint the bottom of your shoes blue for an unexpected pop of color. Add glitter for a sparkly surprise.
• Sew the date of your wedding into the lining of your gown with blue thread.

If possible, make sure your photographer takes photos of your “somethings” on the big day. A photo collage makes for a fun keepsake! 

Text by Mary Shannon Wells

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