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Mary Shannon Wells


Ask the Experts

DRESS GURU Celeste Thomas, Something New Bridal Boutique On Picking the Bridal Gown Perfect Fit • If you’re straight up and down, try peplum...

Oysters Abound

1. GOING GREEN Who says fried and fresh can’t go together? Wintzell’s offers fried oysters over mixed greens, purple onions and grape tomatoes topped with sweet and...

Green Cuisine

1. SOUTHERN CAESAR Opt for a unique take on a classic: the Creole Caesar garnished with well-seasoned fried okra croutons. Now that’s culinary comfort! Café 615 •...

Some Things to Remember

Your wedding is approaching quickly. All the plans are set. However, you’ve forgotten something. Actually, you’ve forgotten a few certain “somethings.” Don’t stress, here are a...

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