Summer Wish List: Duffy Boat

A cutting-edge electric boat comes to the Mobile area, built for cruising and wrapped in a classic look that’s easy to love.

Fairhope’s Whitney Gordon is ready for sophisticated cocktail cruising in a chiffon dress ($138) and earrings ($30) from Sway in downtown Fairhope. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

The Fringe on Top
The scalloped canopy is what first caught our eye, providing maximum shade and a classic nautical look almost too cute to handle. 

Moves that Turn on a Dime
The Duffy Boat was born in 1968 when the motor from a secondhand golf cart was placed into the hull of a beat-up motorboat. Today’s models are a bit more sleek and certainly well built, with a keel design that allows the boat to literally turn on a dime, a feature novice boat drivers will appreciate. Pulling up at the dock is a breeze!

Have Party, Will Travel
With seating for 10 around a comfy piped banquet and two dining tables with built-in cupholders, a Duffy might best be described as a party barge for discriminating tastes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views as you travel along our local waters in high style with a mini fridge and built-in bar at your fingertips. 

Like a Golf Cart on the Water
Owners David Daniell and Harvey Cunningham share the good times on the Duffy Boat with their families and friends, crossing the bay from fly creek to dog river for dinner, then back to the grand hotel for drinks. Another local Duffy owner is offering charters around the backwaters of Orange Beach.

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