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Homemade Marshmallows


Mrs. Wheat’s pralines have been a smash hit in the Port City for more than 25 years. Her creamy, fudge-like treat comes from a secret recipe, but with plenty of pecans, Mexican vanilla and real butter, it’s no secret why her pralines are her best sellers. Call to place an order with Mrs. Wheat herself, or pick some up at A&M Peanut Shop, Bebo’s Car Wash or Allegri Farm Market. 

Mrs. Wheat’s Treats • 154 S. Florida St. 478-0709

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These aren’t the marshmallows you roasted over campfires as a kid. Confectioner Cynthia Thornbury also creates unique flavors, such as chocolate peppermint, pumpkin spice, chocolate chip, and cookies and cream. Plus, she substitutes gelatin for egg whites, making them safe for those with egg allergies. Pick up these light and airy sweets at Market on the Square and Satsuma Farmers Market. 

Sugar Baby Sweets • 604-6055 

Using just a handful of ingredients, Helen Milteer can create a rich confection that will keep you coming back for one more bite. Her almond coffee cake has a dense, buttery, shortbread-like
texture achieved by baking the cake in a pie tin. She also adds baby food to keep the allspice-flavored cake tasty and moist. 

Point Clear Cakes • 205-999-8329  [email protected]

Chef Jule prepares her caramel batches in pure copper pots, which she says is crucial to creating mouthwatering sweets. Her deliciously gooey caramel is made with whole heavy cream (instead of condensed milk or water and butter) for added flavor. Stop by for seasonal tastes like chipotle, pumpkin spice and peppermint. 

Fairhope Chocolate Fudge & Caramels • 42 1/2 S. Section St. #5, Fairhope. 928-7750 

Did you know? Alabamians love Christmas, and apparently, have always enthusiastically celebrated the Yuletide. In 1836, Alabama was the first state to declare Christmas a legal holiday. Happy holidays to us!

Text by Chelsea Wallace

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