Tank that Water Tank

What my clients gained when they finally ditched their water heater tank

Amy and John Bedsole’s new butler’s pantry. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Do you have a room or closet in your home that is completely wasted with that lovely water heater tank? If you do, you are not alone! They can be obtrusive and hinder you from using your space to its full potential. FEAR NOT! It’s time to ditch that water heater tank and switch to tankless.

Water heater storage closet before

Not only will it save you space, but it will save you time waiting for hot water! I wanted to share with you a recent project for my clients Amy and John Bedsole. The before and after speaks for itself, but I will break down what they gained when they finally decided to ditch their huge water heater tank.

Amy and John had a separate room in their home that housed their water heater tank. The previous owners tried to make the room a storage area by adding some shelves, but the space was really not conducive to their everyday needs. They entertain often and wanted to have a functional butler’s pantry that could serve as an area to store all of the items they use for entertaining and allow space for a new wine cooler.

The first step was to switch to a tankless water heater and get that bulky tank out of the space for good. It instantly made the room feel larger and gave us the space we needed to make our plans come to life. After demo of the shelves and installation of tile, we were ready for the cabinets. James Marlin with The Cabinet Shop did a phenomenal job bringing my drawings to life. He was even able to include space for the dryer vent to hide in the bottom cabinetry without losing much storage space.

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My clients are so pleased with the way their space turned out. They never would have been able to gain all this storage or this incredible look if they hadn’t decided to make the switch to a tankless water heater. The transition will run you about $900 for the unit (not including installation), but if you are renovating and have a certain vision for your space, don’t go 80 percent because something like a water heater is standing in your way of achieving the full look. Commit to the full 100 percent, and you will not regret it!

Caitlyn Waite is an interior designer who lives in Midtown with her husband and three children. Click here to browse more of her work.

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