The Dish

Seared Scallops at Dumbwaiter

“I fed my seafood craving at Dumbwaiter. Their seared scallops with roasted winter vegetables, olive oil and sea salt were awesome. The scallops melted in my mouth, and the rutabaga, parsnips and squash were the right, earthy complement. The three-scallop portion was the ideal follow-up to my starter of fresh oysters on the half shell with zingy mignonette sauce and lemon.” — Jason McKenzie, Executive Director, The Joe Jefferson Players​

Dumbwaiter • 167 Dauphin St. 445-3802 

Chorizo and Plantain Taco at Roosters

“It was so yummy. I don’t like when food gets mushy, so I was hoping the plantains wouldn’t be too soft. They were perfect and added just the right sweetness to the spicy chorizo. For $3.25, it was a tasty bite. I also had a grapefruit paloma. I hit all the taste buds with that one meal.”  — Chandra Brown Stewart, Executive Director, Lifelines Counseling Services

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Roosters Latin American Food • 211 Dauphin St. 375-1076 

Blackened Rib-eye Taco and Tuna Taco
at Dragonfly Foodbar

“Doug Kerr knows exactly what he’s doing over there! The blackened rib-eye taco consists of perfectly cooked, juicy steak surrounded by greens, garlic, tomato and a nice hint of blue cheese aioli. The tuna taco is filled with seared tuna, edamame, wasabi crema and fried jalapeños. Truth is, you cannot go wrong on this menu, but these are my go-to dishes.” — Brian Kane, Managing Partner,  Fairhope Brewing Company

Dragonfly Foodbar • 7 South Church St., Fairhope. 990-5722 

Chicken and Grits at Pour Baby

“The chicken and grits were delicious. Skinless chicken thighs are paneed and served over stoneground grits with a honey chili glaze. They also offer a crispy piece of chicken skin on the side, almost like a cookie; it’s really crisp and hot and fabulous. The grits are laced with Gouda, so they’re smooth and creamy and pair perfectly with the chicken. It’s a go-to for me. I walk in and think, ‘Oh, I need chicken and grits!’” — Helene Hassell, Executive Director, Dauphin Island Sea Lab Foundation

Pour Baby • 6808 Airport Blvd. 343-3555 

interviews by chelsea adams • photo by blair merrills

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