The Midas Touch

Allow the mythological tale to inspire your wedding decor and favors with elegant, metallic touches that add some shimmer and shine to your big day.

Photo by Elise Poche

1. Life is Swell

These metallic bottles make sleek gifts to thank those loyal groomsmen.
G. Harvell • Small swell bottle, $35; Large swell bottle, $45

2. Coastin’

Stunning silver coasters make a statement and keep furniture ring-free.
M.A. Simons • Set of 4 coasters, $29

3. Smells Like Roses

Classic, elegant white roses, displayed proudly in mercury glass vases, make any reception table a vision in white.
Cleveland the Florist • Prices vary

4. The Marriage Goblet

Ornate stemware with gold embellishments will make you feel downright royal on the day of and for years to come.
The Ivy Cottage • Vetro gold compote (arte italica), $92; vetro gold wine glass, $90

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5. The Golden Ticket

A sophisticated invitation with a touch of gold will announce your marriage and invite your loved ones with panache.
It’s Inviting • Karen Adams Designs, $2.10 each

6. Fire Away

Groomsmen will flip for masculine silver and brass bullet cufflinks.
G. Harvell • Indigo shotgun cufflink, $75

7. Ignite the Flame

These handmade candles will have your guests’ living rooms smelling divine.
M.A. Simons • Diamond-cut glass with lid currant $24 • Himalayan handmade Red Currant, $24

8. Feast your Eyes

Beautiful gold brushstroke-rimmed china can be just the start to your formal dinnerware collection after your big day.
The Ivy Cottage • Opal dinner plate with gold brushstroke shakti aura, $98; shakti charger with gold trim, $198; vetro gold salad plate, $101

9. Hold me Close

Gold floral napkin rings add extra shine to a formal tabletop.
The Ivy Cottage • Onion Flower Napkin Ring, $90

10. Flower Power

Your bridesmaids will love the subtle sparkle that these golden studs add to their ensembles.
M.A. Simons • Gold flower earrings $25

11. Brace Yourself

Dress beaded baubles up or down for any occasion.
M.A. Simons • Hayley grey bracelet (gray and clear beads with tassel) $25, Jasmine grey agate bracelet (multi-colored beads) $28, Jen opal bracelet (pink beads with gray stones) $25

12. She’s a Dish

A dainty gold-rimmed ring dish will help each of your maids keep up with her gems.
M.A. Simons • Gold splatter ring dish $32

13. Tie the Knot

Silver and gold intertwined metal cufflinks make a distinctive statement.
G. Harvell • Two-tone knot stud set, $98.50

14. A Dab of Dapper

Classy solid cologne is the perfect groom accessory and groomsman gift.
G. Harvell • Fulton and Roard solid cologne, .2 oz, $42

15. A Signature Look

A monogrammed brass pen with a copper bullet tip is a memorable present for the father of the bride.
G. Harvell • Freedom cartridge bullet pen, $75

16. Glitz for All Occasions 

Sparkly leather wrap bracelets are pretty for a casual day out or night on the town.
M.A. Simons • Gracie gold bracelet, $35; Libby tan bracelet, $33


M.A. Simons • 2151 Old Shell Rd. 479-4350
The Ivy Cottage • 9 Du Rhu Dr. 345-1731.
G. Harvell • 2534 Old Shell Rd., Suite B. 344-4200
It’s Inviting • 4402 Old Shell Rd. 460-0738
Cleveland the Florist • 4404 Old Shell Rd. 341-3555.

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