The Power of Plasma: How Your Plasma Can Make a Difference

BioLife Plasma Services, an industry leader in high-quality plasma collection, is opening a new, state-of-the-art center in Mobile on March 14th and we welcome you to learn more.

Did you know millions of people with rare and chronic diseases depend on therapies that are produced directly from donated plasma? Yet only a small percentage of the people in the United States who are eligible to donate plasma actually do. Plasma donation is safe, easy and rewarding – donors help save lives.

So, how can you help and just how does this life-changing substance benefit those living with rare diseases?

What you need to know about plasma

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Plasma is the liquid portion of your blood that carries blood components throughout the body, and is essential in creating a wide variety of therapeutics, including blood clotting proteins to treat hemophilia, immune support therapies, blood volume replacements and surgical sealants. After plasma is collected, it is screened and sent to facilities for processing into therapies that benefit thousands of people every day.

Check out our top reasons to consider donating plasma:

1. Plasma donation is easy and low risk.

BioLife is committed to the highest standards of safety and employs numerous measures to ensure the safety of its donors and its products. This includes careful screening measures and safety processes– donor selection and screening, plasma screening and inventory hold, and virus inactivation and removal. Plasma collection in the U.S. is strictly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Prior to coming in, donors can easily check eligibility requirements, schedule appointments, and check for centers in their area all from their phones through the BioLife Plasma mobile app. For new donors, your first visit will take around two hours to account for an initial physical exam and medical screening, with appointments about an hour after that.

2. Plasma donors help save lives.

When you donate plasma, you are helping patients around the world who rely on the life-changing therapies processed from plasma. Plasma can’t be manufactured – it can only be obtained from healthy donors. So patients are depending on donated plasma to receive these treatments.

Plasma-derived therapies benefit thousands of people every day who suffer from conditions such as hemophilia and immune deficiencies.

3. You’re compensated for your time.

Because BioLife knows that your time is valuable, they compensate their donors for the commitment they make in regularly donating plasma. After donating, you’ll be paid through the BioLife Debit Card. Funds are electronically added to your card after each time you donate so that it’s easy to use anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted. For more details on your compensation, you should contact your local center directly.

4. An opportunity to connect with others and sit back and relax!

BioLife wants to make your donation experience as enjoyable as possible! BioLife centers are equipped with free Wi-Fi, as well as a free supervised playroom so your children can have fun and play while you’re donating.

The staff at each center is welcoming and knowledgeable, with trained technicians on site to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire donation process. BioLIfe offers flexible hours to fit your schedule and, of course, clean and comfortable centers so you can make yourself at home!

So you’re in? Here are the next steps

To learn more about plasma donation and BioLife, download our BioLife Plasma mobile app or visit our website at There you can review the plasma donation step-by-step guide, eligibility requirements or the FAQs page. Schedule your appointment to start helping others today!

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