What’s Your Coastal Character?

The beaches along the Gulf Coast are as varied as the personalities of those who frequent them, but some rules seem to apply.

The beaches along the Gulf Coast are as varied as the personalities of those who frequent them, but some rules seem to apply.

Gaillard Island

 Dauphin Island

Gravine Island

Point Clear

Ono Island

Gulf Shores


Long sleeve Patagonia shirt and quick-dry pants

A Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo t-shirt and swimsuit

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Cut-off jean shorts
and little else

Seersucker shorts and loafers without socks

Aftcos and a Columbia
PFG shirt

A hot pink muscle shirt
and flip flops


Pathfinder equipped for inshore fishing

A hand-me-down Boston Whaler. It runs great!

Purple glitter bass boat
with astroturf deck

A perfectly restored Stauter Cedar Point Special

A Jupiter center console with triple 400 horsepower engines

A pool float, because
who needs a motor?


An Orca stocked with waters and a light snack

A classic red Igloo

A five-gallon bucket

Soft-sided and pulled in a red wagon

A giant Yeti

White plastic foam
with a lid


“Have your heard about
the coal ash?”

“We went floundering last night in the sound and caught a whopper!”

“Gitt’r done.”

“Did I hear the bell ringing for a jubilee this morning?”

“We’re heading to Pinfish to anchor up to Dad’s Viking!”

“So cool, brah!”


Sheepshead, fresh caught

A shrimp boil

Fried mullet caught
by a cousin

Crabmeat-stuffed flounder

Fresh tuna

Whatever the “white fish” is


A hat that clips to your collar

A cast net

An e-cig

A few kids in seersucker bathing suits

A Shimano 30 wide

A portable boombox


The occasional Heineken

A beer-rita

Natural Light

White wine, perfectly chilled

A Blackberry Farm saison

A margarita in the sand

Tan Line

Tan found only between your sunglasses and neck gaiter

Tan found mainly
on your legs

Tan found in every
possible spot

Tan found only in appropriate areas

Tan found on your face
and shoulders

Tan found anywhere
I can get it


Big-brimmed and quick drying

A visor

A non-ironic trucker hat

A straw hat

A perfectly bent ball cap

An ironic trucker hat

Tattoo Level

5%, with your favorite animal making a small appearance

50%, a few but nothing
too obtrusive

150%, and ready for more

0%, because you don’t
like tattoos

10%, with one or two that are well-hidden

100%, with plenty to
show off

You heard the call of the wild and belong among the birds! You enjoy the comfort of a quiet space and the serenity of quaint surroundings, and you don’t enjoy being disturbed when you’re having time to yourself.

Welcome to “the Island!” You fit right in with the laid-back, welcoming community. You’re family-oriented and view the beach as a home just as much as a destination.

Ooo-wee! You’re here for a good time and follow the official island Facebook page for all of the essential updates. You don’t mind a crowd and feed off of the energy of those around you.

The boardwalk called and you answered! You avoid the sand and like to stay clean and tidy. You’re relaxed but sophisticated, and enjoy sunsets on the wharf every evening.

Congratulations on your new home! You enjoy having your own space that reflects your great sense of style, but also value tight-knit community bonds and enjoy sharing your space with friends.

Hang loose and hit the beaches! You’re young, trendy but original and always up for a party. You enjoy following the crowd and flaunting every beach accessory you can find.

Text by Hallie King

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