Best-kept Secrets

1. Spice up your life

Shrimp and grits are good; spicy  hot fried shrimp with Dixie Lily grits and a creamy tomato gravy are great. The combo of local ingredients and old family recipes guarantees an authentic meal. 

Bishop’s Southern Tradition • 3673 Airport Blvd. 344-2131. 

2. Breakfast for dinner

Enjoy your favorite Gulf shrimp in a new way. Ask for a seafood omelet, and chefs will prepare a two-egg patty loaded with tomato, green onion, cheese and — of course — shrimp. 

Wintzell’s Oyster House • 605 Dauphin St. 432-4605

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3. A rockin’ good time

Order the Rockzilla for a double-sized version of their popular Heart Roll with shrimp, crabmeat, crawfish, jalapeño and cream cheese. At only a buck more, it’s a steal! Or, ask for the Stacker and receive a spicy tuna and crabmeat tower fit for a king (or a rock star). 

Rock n Roll Sushi • 273 S. McGregor Ave. 287-0445. 

4. Out of your shell

Enjoy a little extra Southern comfort. Queen G’s offers a lesser-known but incredibly delicious classic shrimp Creole made in house. Gulf shrimp, a cream and tomato base and a heap of rice make for a scrumptious lunch. Bonus: The menu lists fried or broiled oysters, but you can get them charbroiled, too!

Queen G’s Cafe • 2518 Old Shell Rd. 471-3361. 

5. Bringing home the bacon

If you love hibachi fried rice, you’ll flip for this. Sit at a booth or hibachi grill and ask for bacon to be added to your fried rice. A small sprinkling adds extra flavor and crispiness to the classic side.

Tokyo Steakhouse • 364 Azalea Rd. 343-6622. 

Do you know of other tasty, off-the-menu eats? Comment below and tell us where to find them,

text by Chelsea Wallace adams • photo by elise pochÉ

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