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Tag: July 2016

The Honeybee Man

A chance encounter following a bee infestation changes Watt’s mind about the buzzing, stinging insects.

The True Story of the ‘Rachel’

Historian John S. Sledge shares the remarkable tale of the antique ship that graces the shores of Fort Morgan.

Ask McGehee

According to a 1908 account in the Mobile Register, Mr. Fernand S. Frederic was erecting “a 3-story dye house and cleaning establishment” at 308 - 312 Dauphin Street....

Alabama Tea

When we think about oil, it’s easy for our minds to drift to faraway, hot places: pumps in Texas, wars in the Middle East, rigs...

Top 10 Local Summer Eats

   Photos by Elise Poché   10. Ice Cream Sundae Stacey's Rexall Drugs & Old Tyme Soda Fountain  • 121 W Laurel Ave, Foley. It's a summer classic...

Small-Town Tours

Magnolia Springs Located between Fairhope and Foley just off U.S. Highway 98, this Mayberry-esque village maintains 600 residents, one restaurant, one hotel and the only...

Bay Bites Evolves with Downtown Revival

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about things happening in downtown Mobile right now. New restaurants and bars like FIVE, Dauphin’s, and The Merry Widow...

Of Hurricanes Past

George Finkbohner Jr. explains that his mother had a theory. “She used to say that a big storm rolled through Mobile every 10 years, ” he shares. And you...

Raise Your Glass

There’s nothing quite like sitting out on the terrace as the sun dips below the horizon, looking out onto the water that’s taken on the pastel hues of...

Hometown Spirits

Imagine if you had the chance to travel 135 years back in time and peek in at Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, just as it was...

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