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Watt Key

Watt Key

When the Dealin’s Done

One Saturday in May, a traffic jam of boats converges upon a handful of river camps up in the Mobile Delta for the Poker Run.

The Point Clear Library

ABOVE Established in 1920, the diminutive Point Clear Library was born out of a reading circle run by a Mrs....


Even a remote community such as Point Clear had its share of transients. Sometimes they arrived on bicycles, sometimes on foot with tall backpacks. They typically had good...

Major’s Creek

With Gulf Shores, Mobile Bay and the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in our own backyard, there’s no end to the adventures...

Batter Up!

When there are only nine boys in your high school class, sports are not always optional. My friend Archie approached me one day during lunch period. ...

The Necklace

Here in the South, many boys consider killing their first deer a necessary step toward manhood. And, oftentimes, ...

The Big Ride

Immediately after college, I returned home to live with my parents again in Point Clear. I didn’t have a detailed life plan, but I knew I wanted...

Dove Hunting

In Point Clear, the first sign that waterfront activities are over is the sound of doves cooing and fluttering in the tree limbs. I take more notice of...


Before they were famous, we called them sheepshead. They were as useless as a channel cat. Trash fish. I vividly recall struggling to reel them in, convinced...


A Mobile-made Stauter boat has long served as the vessel of choice for father-son fishing expeditions for the Key men. ...

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