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Watt Key

Watt Key

Ascending the Ladder

A little after noon on a clear, unseasonably warm October day, I find myself on the way to Dauphin Island with Dave Berault. Dave is a Mobile...

Into the Wild: Part I

Watt Key poses in front of his makeshift shelter in the forests of Alabama.   ...

A Tennis Racket

Employment opportunities have never been abundant for 13-year-olds in Point Clear. After my position as fly killer at the Grand Hotel snack bar was eliminated, I found other...

Government Housing

Watt Key poses with one leftover parallax computer that was discovered on the property of his grandmother’s farm last year.  ...

Let George Do It

Whether he’s playing polo with princes or sailing the coast in search of shrimp and adventure, George Radcliff is a man who certainly knows how to lead a one-of-a-kind life.

The Ghost of Zundel’s Wharf

A typical Point Clear morning in October finds light, cool east breezes filtering through the pine trees, brushing Mobile Bay into a glassy calm. Occasionally, the breezes...


As a youngster in Point Clear, it never crossed my mind that hurricanes weren’t something that everyone in the world dealt with. I was not yet thinking of bad weather...

The Runaway

I was 16 years old, and I’d had enough. I was sick of chores. I was sick of curfews. Sick of all the questions about what I was doing and...


When I was 15, I told my father I wanted to work construction. He suggested I get in touch with Kenny Horton who lived about a mile down...

Pajama Fishing

As summer slips into the heavy heat, afternoons on the Bay turn rough and windy. By one o’clock, magazine pages are aflutter. Glasses of sweet tea are iceless...

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