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Watt Key

Watt Key

Gone to Texas

As a youngster, I couldn’t even imagine what other people did in summer without Mobile Bay to entertain them. I assumed they were all in a holding pattern...


   ABOVE Watt’s daughter, Mary Michael, his son, Albert, center, and Albert’s friend, John Michael Nipper, take to the Louisiana cypress swamps...

The Honeybee Man

A chance encounter following a bee infestation changes Watt’s mind about the buzzing, stinging insects.

Smokey the Squirrel

Early spring on the Bay brings high tides and wet, windy weather like a fitful ending to a nasty winter. But to an 8-year-old boy in Point Clear,...

The Perfect Pond

A couple of years out of college, I was still living with my parents in Point Clear, but I was ready for a place to call my own....

Man of the Wild

When I was a boy in Point Clear, I occasionally saw a mostly-naked man swimming past my grandparents’ wharf in the dead of winter. I was told this...

Point Clear Towing

Point Clear never really had enough year-round residents to support a whole bunch of services. If you had a fire,  you called the Barnwell Fire Department. Needed police, ...

Dirty Jobs

First and foremost in my memory of horrible tasks was cleaning out the grease trap. I didn’t get suspicious of this particular responsibility until I was in my early teens...


Click here to read Part I of Watt Key's bar pilot adventure It’s late December, and I’m looking forward to making my second trip with the Mobile...

Into the Wild: Part II

Read Part I of "Into the Wild" I was determined to spend two weeks in the Alabama River bottom swamp with little more than a bow, arrows and...

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