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Watt Key

Watt Key

Swamp Writer: Football and the Gator

One of the main adventures at the camp is a ride down Chicory Bayou. Besides Mallard Fork and the entrance off Raft River, this is the only...

Swamp Writer: A Camp Man and His Man Tools

Most sportsmen know about the “camp man.” This is the person who organizes activities, does most of the work, and usually enjoys the facility more than...

Swamp Writer: My First Night in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta

In the spring of 1996 I was determined to rebuild an old camp in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Miles from any road, deep in the swamp, and...

Swamp Writer: Dispatches from the Most Remote Area of Alabama

The air is still cool with the tailings of spring and the sky is deep blue. The river sparkles and flows deep and healthy in its channel through...

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