Bite of the Bay

MB's contributing food fanatics share the local dishes that made them hungry for more this month.

Photo by Elise Poche

Muscovy Duck at Fairhope Inn

“Head chef Tyler Kean is back in the kitchen and is cooking better than ever! I started with the shrimp, carrot and fennel soup, which was an incredible combination of flavors and without being too heavy. My main dish was the Durham Ranch Muscovy Duck served on creamed spinach (pictured). Wow! It was the most tender duck I have ever eaten and was prepared perfectly with mushroom demi-glace.” — Mary Courtney Cane,  President, Courtney and Morris Real Estate

Fairhope Inn • 63 S Church St. 928-6226

Fried Chicken at Heron Lakes

“Occasionally, great dishes can be found at buffet brunches. My experience at Heron Lakes Country Club Sunday Brunch introduced me to a very delicious fried chicken. It was cooked with a light batter and a great combination of seasonings and fried to a golden brown. This 40-year-old Southern delicacy, accompanied with waffles, vegetables and a mimosa, certainly is a special, delicious treat.”  — Hosea London, Leader and Manager, The Excelsior Band

Heron Lakes Country Club • 3851 Government St. 666-7040

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Buffet at Yak the Kathmandu Kitchen

“The buffet comprises a mix of rice and naan (Indian bread) that can be accompanied by a variety of vegetarian curries, chicken dishes and occasionally a goat curry. Each vegetable / lentil dish is made with its own set of spices that tantalizes the taste buds and brings out unique flavors without being overly spicy. I usually go back for seconds because it is hard for me to stop eating. If you’re looking to try something new in the area, this is probably the best Indian food you’ll get. ” — Dr. Ash Prakash,  Asst. Professor of Oncologic Services, USA Mitchell Cancer Institute

Yak the Kathmandu Kitchen • 3210 Dauphin St. 287-0115

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