Bite of the Bay

MB's contributing food fanatics share the local dishes that made them hungry for more this month.

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Duck Confit at Southern National

“I had the pleasure of eating at Southern National for their inaugural Sunday brunch. While hard to choose, I had the duck confit hash (above). It is sweet with a hint of hoisin sauce, both delicate and flavorful. The over-easy egg and sweet potato set the dish. No matter your experience with duck, this dish will not disappoint, and brunch will forever be changed.” — Mary Stewart Crane,  Strategic Market Director,  Johnson & Johnson

Southern National • 360 Dauphin St. 308-2387

Grouper at Abba Mediterranean Cafe

“Look no further than Abba for a grouper experience that will thrill you at first sight, fill you with every bite and leave you entirely satisfied. Well-prepared, the Grouper de Brenda is lightly crusted and baked in olive oil. It is served with asparagus, artichoke hearts, zucchini, bell pepper and a fabulous lemon white wine sauce. Abba is quiet, friendly and delicious; you will be glad you tried it.”  — William W.  Oppenheimer, President, Enveloc, Inc.

Abba Mediterranean Cafe • 4861 Old Shell Rd. 340-6464

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Flounder at Jesse’s Restaurant

“We recently were able to get away for dinner at Jesse’s Restaurant in Magnolia Springs. I had the flounder special, and it was to die for. The dill-crusted fish was so fresh and paired so well with the sides of feta-smashed cauliflower and garlic broccoli. The saffron caper sauce topped it off perfectly. ” — Taylor Houser,  Advancement Director, Bayside Academy

Jesse’s Restaurant • 14770 Oak St., Magnolia Springs. 965-3827

Lettuce Wraps at Von’s Bistro

“Von’s Bistro is a lunch favorite. I love the lettuce wraps, with chicken, vegetables and peanut sauce, and the banh mi, a Vietnamese fusion take on a sandwich. But I’ve never had anything there that I didn’t like. I’m a bit of a Vietnamese food nut, and it’s the best bet to get my fix within walking distance of the Mobile Symphony’s office.” — Scott Speck,  Music Director, Mobile Symphony Orchestra

Von’s Bistro • 69 St. Michael St. 375-1113

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