Bite of the Bay

MB's contributing food fanatics share the local dishes that made them hungry for more this month.

Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

Oysters at Dew Drop Inn

“Oysters: the time is now. Fried oysters are available most anywhere, but it’s hard to beat the sublimely delicate bivalve experience in midtown at Mobile’s oldest restaurant, established in 1924. I ordered the oyster loaf; the oysters are uniformly medium-sized, the coating is crispy, and I like to add just a little salt and a dab of tartar sauce. This lunch is half a dozen of the tastiest sea creatures of all.” — William W. Oppenheimer, President,  Enveloc, Inc.
Dew Drop Inn • 1808 Old Shell Rd. 473-7872

Lunch at The Noble South

“I love the chicken thighs, kale salad and squash casserole. Also, the servers are the best! In fact, two of them used to sing in the University of South Alabama Concert Choir, so we performed together onstage in “Carmina Burana” and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. As a conductor, I’m used to serving up musical delicacies, so it’s nice of them to return the favor.”  — Scott Speck,  Music Director, Mobile Symphony Orchestra
The Noble South • 203 Dauphin St. 690-6824

Toast at Jubilee Poolside Grill

“I love the crab and avocado toast at Jubilee Poolside Grill in the Grand Hotel. Lump crabmeat and avocado are served on toast points, topped with a fresh red chili mint vinaigrette, toasted peanuts and radish shavings. It makes a great light springtime lunch, and it’s delicious!” — Taylor Houser,  Advancement Director, Bayside Academy
Jubilee Poolside Grill • 1 Grand Blvd., Point Clear. 928-9201

Cauliflower Bowl at Zoe’s Kitchen

“I have a new lunch addiction at Zoës Kitchen, the kind that makes you not mind eating alone. The Cauliflower Rice Bowl is the perfect balance of spicy and crisp. I add grilled chicken and stir the bowl up to use all of the delicious tzatziki sauce, guaranteeing a great bite every time. Adorned with fresh cucumber resting on riced cauliflower, you can’t help but feel that you made a healthier selection without sacrificing any taste.” — Mary Stewart Nelson,  Strategic Market Director,  Johnson & Johnson
Zoe’s Kitchen • 3980 Airport Blvd., Suite A. 344-9445

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