Mobile Bay's Top 10 Photos of 2017

We close the door on 2017 with a look at some of the most eye-catching photos of the year.

ABOVE Nothing says Americana like a wooden cruising boat with a flag unfurled on a teak transom. Featured in “Dream Boats, ” May 2017. Photo by Todd Douglas

ABOVE Barton Academy (located at South Cedar Street and Government Street) is a landmark in the city of Mobile. Featured in “Urban Reclaim, ” February 2017. Photo by Michael Mastro

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ABOVE Restaurateur Reggie Washington, left, and chef Duane Nutter offer up an impressive menu and upscale culinary experience at their new Mobile venture, Southern National. Featured in “You Gotta Get Cocky With It, ” January 2017. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE After 30 years at the helm of a shrimp boat, Captain Sidney Schwartz knows that there are joys — and troubles — to be found at the bottom of Mobile Bay. Featured in “Net Profits, ” June 2017. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE Surrounded by welding equipment, compressors, tools and piles and piles of scrap, Fairhope artist Bruce Larsen carves out his own magical world one piece at a time. Featured in “A View to a Room, ” September 2017. Photo by Matthew Coughlin

ABOVE The Red Clay Strays are a Mobile-based band developing a sound that is part Southern rock, blues and “always something else.” Featured in “Port City Crescendo, ” September 2017. Photo by Matthew Coughlin​

ABOVE A night adventure at Fort Morgan proves that flounder gigging is more than just a game of hit or miss. Featured in “Hoping for Flatfish, ” August 2017. Photo by Meggan and Jeff Haller

ABOVE Meet Bill Walton, the scientist behind Alabama’s oyster farming movement, a transplant from up east who has made his mark down south. Featured in “The Doctor Is In, ” November 2017. Photo by Fernando Decillis

ABOVE While some may view it as sacrilege to top these buttery fresh bivalves with anything at all,  others prefer a little zing. Featured in “The Doctor Is In, ” November 2017. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

ABOVE A bayfront home has two front doors according to architect Lea Verneuille. Both the road entrance (referred to by locals as the back door) and the water entrance (the front) are equally important. Susan and Ben Taul's front door sets the tone for how they live in the house, with several porches and comfortable sitting areas of all sorts. Featured in “The Gang's All Here, ” June 2017. Photo by Ted Miles

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