Space Upgrade

Tip 1

Embrace the POW! “This client has wonderful taste and is not afraid of color, ” Rogers says. “She was simply thrilled when I specified the orange leather ottoman. This family of five needed seating, so when I drew the furniture floor plan, I needed to keep it functional and intimate, because the room is so large.”


Tip 2

Use accents to open up a room. Mirrors create the illusion of windows. Keeping neutrals throughout also creates a sense of spaciousness. “We kept everything calm and serene, ” Charis Rogers says of this Fairhope home. “My client was really ready for a ‘grown-up’ design.”

Tip 3

Mix soft and hard textures to create a sophisticated look. “Also blend very classic furnishings with modern items to make the home interesting, ” Rogers says. “Fabulous original art and Italian glass coffee tables create a simple, refined elegance.”

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Tip 4

Find a great rug to unify an area. “Because the sectional was so large, it needed a neutral linen, but I added an amazing wool rug that is large enough to anchor the entire setting. The two chairs in front of the double-sided fireplace swivel in case sitters would like to turn around and enjoy the fire.”


Tip 5

Introduce a splash of metallic in unexpected places. Shiny silver ceilings in dining rooms draw the eye up. “Notice the contemporary chandelier, warm silver and polished nickel, rustic table, clean dining room chairs and embroidered drapery. Simple and stunning, ” Rogers says.


Tip 6

Innovate with geometric patterns. In this master bedroom, the owner had to think awhile about the simple, geometric headboard. “By doing this, we gave the space drama and symmetry.” A patterned backsplash modernizes a kitchen. Before Rogers got her hands on the kitchen it was really, really dark. Mirrored upper cabinetry and classic white octagonal tiles with a pencil feature on the backsplash brightened this favorite room.

Tip 7

Utilize wasted space with creative storage solutions. Rogers was charged with the task of creating a functional room for a teenage boy that would last him through his college years. Adding to the challenge, the room is only 8½-by-11 feet with 8-foot ceilings. But, Rogers wove her magic wand and made the most of the small space. “File drawers, shelves and drawers for clothes allow for ample storage, ” Rogers says.

text by Mallory boykin • photos by kim pearson

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