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Tag: Bay Boy

The Longest Day of the Year

By the time Christmas arrived in Point Clear, the Bay was too cold and rough and shallow to enjoy. The wharf house existed like a summer cottage we’d...

Hunting Season

Fall in Point Clear is like a party that is over, cleaned up and waiting until summer again. The air is quiet and cool. The east breeze keeps...

The Bird Nest

“I’ve got an idea, ” I told Jeremy. “We’ll build a nest. A huge one, way back in the woods in the top of a tree. And we’ll...

Arts and Crafts

We didn’t have video games, and we didn’t watch much television growing up. I do recall black-and-white episodes of “Little House on the Prairie” on Sunday nights....

A Kid's Best Friend

Across the blacktop from my childhood home in Point Clear is a vast wetland of tall pines, briars and pitcher plants. When I was nine years old, ...

The New Old Point Clear

I suddenly find myself at the age where I’m telling my kids “how it used to be when I was growing up.” I remember when my father and grandfather...

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