Three Local Dishes to Try this Month

Sunflower Salad from Sunflower Cafe. Photo by Elizabeth Gelineau

“Roma Cafe is, while well known to the West Mobile crowd, an otherwise hidden gem. As a native New Yorker who has made his home here in Mobile, I have vivid and fond memories of my Italian and Sicilian friends lovingly laboring over big pots of macaroni and gravy (aka any shape of pasta and marinara sauce).  My son and I feasted on their remarkable Bruschetta Napoletana, fried calamari and meat lasagna. In a word: AWESOME! I even loved that as we left, full as ticks, I could still hear the soundtrack from ‘The Godfather’ as my son hummed happily in the car on the way home.” — Dr. Raoul RichardsonSenior V.P.  of Research and Development, Baheth Research & Development Laboratories LTD
Roma Cafe
7134 Airport Blvd. • 341-7217

“One of our favorite places for steak is Jesse’s in Magnolia Springs. My favorite cut is the dry-aged bone-in strip topped with blue cheese gratine. The two together create a savory and salty combination  cooked to perfection. Along with a side of Parmesan risotto and paired with a glass of Katherine Goldschmidt Crazy Creek Vineyard Cabernet, this dinner is well worth the short drive from Point Clear. The pecan praline bread pudding puts an exclamation point on a wonderful dining experience.”Dr. Marshall ShoemakerDoctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shoemaker OB-GYN
Jesse’s Restaurant • 14770 Oak St., Magnolia Springs • 965-382

“The Sunflower Cafe’s namesake salad has a hearty variety of local greens with a delicious homemade green goddess dressing, along with carrots, cucumbers, radish, sprouts, sunflower seeds and whatever else is in season locally! I always add a scoop of organic chicken salad for some protein alongside the hummus of the day, which is usually a surprising and fun gluten-free addition served with corn chips!” — Ameri’ca TickleOwner/Designer, Tickle Creative Company
Sunflower Cafe • 320 Eastern Shore Shopping Center, Fairhope • 929-0055

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