You Think You Know Mardi Gras?

Think you're a Mardi Gras expert? Put your knowledge to the test with our ultimate Mardi Gras quiz.

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Ultimate Mobile Mardi Gras Quiz

1. What year was the first Mardi Gras celebration held in the New World?
2. The official colors of Mobile Mardi Gras are:
3. What is the meaning of the French word “Mardi”?
4. What MoonPie flavor was introduced in 1999?
5. In 1831, Michael Krafft formed what mystic society in Mobile?
6. Who was the first Mardi Gras King (then known as Emperor Felix I)?
7. In the 1840s, Joe Cain and a group of men formed a Mardi Gras organization known as the Tea Drinker’s Society. What was unique about this group of men?
8. Which of the following is NOT one of the MOT’s dragon’s names?
9. What is the motto of the Comic Cowboys?
10. The term “mystic” refers to what attribute of mystic organizations?
11. What is a flambeaux?
12. What is a marshal?
13. The Excelsior Band emerged out of which early Mobile institution?
14. The first recorded king of Mardi Gras reigned in what year?
15. The King of MAMGA is known as who?
16. The ladies of the Mobile Carnival Association (MCA) Court are chosen from which group?
17. The MCA King of Mardi Gras arrives each year in time for Fat Tuesday from:
18. Who docks in the port of Mobile every Mardi Gras?
19. Which organization got its name from the age of its founders?
20. Which organization makes their new initiates ride a trolley the first few years before graduating to floats?
21. Your date to the ball is called your:
22. Which New Orleans Krewe took its inspiration from Mobile’s Cowbellions?
23. Joe Cain insisted that Mardi Gras:
24. Chief Slacabamorinico was said to be from where?
25. Women first paraded in Mobile in what year?
26. The “Mother of the Colored Carnival” was whom?
27. Cain’s Merry Widows wear what?
28. In 2014, the Wild Mauvillians protested what?
29. The only major organization whose tradition it was to build their own floats is who?
30. What is the motto of the Order of Osiris, founded as Mobile’s first openly-gay mystic society?
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How’d you do?

Results by number of right answers:

Chief Slac Himself

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90% +  – You’re a direct descendant of Joe Cain himself! Your progeny is sure to be the future monarchs of Carnival. Have fun educating all your friends this Mardi Gras season.

OG Mystic

70 – 89% – You’re a true Mardi Gras fanatic who loves to let the good times roll! What you lack in perfection (everyone gets a little too inebriated at balls, right?) you make up for in a go-to parade spot and fan-favorite milk punch recipe.

Basic Fan

50 – 69%  – You are a casual paradegoer with an evident enthusiasm for all things for Mardi Gras. However, your knowledge is lacking, and you still have a lot to learn about the original Mardi Gras. And yes, those green beads are a dead giveaway.

Out of Towner

0 – 49% – You were born in Birmingham and should probably go back. Before you leave, you might want to run by the Mobile Carnival Museum for a much-needed Mardi Gras history lesson.

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