10 Local Dishes to Try This Month

In honor of our annual food issue, members of the MB team join our regular monthly contributing food fanatics to share their go-to local dishes.

Braised Beef Oxtails at SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar on a wooden table with various sides and condiments around it.
Braised Beef Oxtails at SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar, photo by Victor Protasio

Braised Beef Oxtails at SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar
“Mobile prides itself on its unique Southern culture, and SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar incorporates that into its menu. I recently had their braised beef oxtails, a great mix of slow-cooked beef made tender and seasoned rice. It is perfectly complemented with cabbage, shaved carrots, bacon and onions. Some Creole pepper mix makes you feel right at home.” – Tyler Flowers, Attorney, Cunningham Bounds, LLC
SOCU Southern Kitchen and Oyster Bar • 455 Dauphin St. • 385-4005

Oysters and Redfish Half Shell at Pearl
“This new renovated restaurant in downtown Fairhope was a must-try for me. For my main dish, I went with the Redfish Half Shell with charred onion salad and a side of brussels sprouts. The redfish, a light white fish, was beautifully prepared with a slightly crusted top — it was so delicious!  I couldn’t come and not try the raw oysters that happen to be a local selection; some of the best I’ve had. This will become a favorite spot for sure. I can’t wait to go again.”
Molly Spain, President, Baldwin County Trailblazers
Pearl • 334 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope • 517-9142

Shrimp Scampi Sandwich at Locals
“My husband and I were searching for a place to take my mother-in-law for Sunday lunch in Fairhope and chose Locals. We listened to relaxing live music on the outdoor patio as we ordered. I chose the shrimp scampi sandwich and was not disappointed. It was filled with large Gulf shrimp sauteed in garlic, butter and fresh basil. Served on focaccia on top of arugula with garlic aioli, it was both light and delicious!” – Linda Jensen, Juvenile Court Referee, Mobile County
Locals • 312 Fairhope Ave, Fairhope • 517-7225

Hen Pecked Panini at Two Sisters Bakery & Deli

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“If you closed your eyes and picked a panini at random in this Eastern Shore eatery, you would not be disappointed. However, there is one in particular that proves that it’s the details that make for a delicious dish. The Hen Pecked features juicy sliced chicken breast smothered in Havarti cheese, mango chutney and a dose of hot pickled peppers: a perfect trio of savory, sweet and spicy!” – Philip MartinTheology teacher, St. Michael Catholic High School
Two Sisters Bakery & Deli • 19452 Scenic Hwy 98, Fairhope • 517-0622

Favorites from the MB Team

Le Grand Benedict at Bistro Saint Emanuel
“The Le Grand Benedict at Bistro Saint Emanuel is piled high with Canadian bacon, poached egg and the creamiest hollandaise. Not to mention, the side of country-style potatoes were
out of this world!” – Mattie Naman, Digital Editor, Mobile Bay Magazine
Bistro Saint Emanuel • 200 St Emanuel St • 405-5040

Griddled Pancakes at The Hummingbird Way
“Sunday brunch is my favorite meal and The Hummingbird Way never disappoints. Their griddled pancakes with seasonal fruit, dollops of crème fraiche and warm syrup were light and fluffy!” – Elizabeth Gelineau, Freelance Photographer
The Hummingbird Way • 351 George St • 408-9562

Chicken Balsamic Toast at POST
“I look forward to the chicken balsamic toast at POST topped with spinach and alfredo sauce. The creaminess of the alfredo is tempered with the tang of the balsamic glaze drizzle, giving it a flavorful punch while staying light.” – Amelia Rose Zimlich, Editorial Assistant, Mobile Bay Magazine
POST • 571 Dauphin St. • 408-9198

Hickory-Grilled Fish at Camellia Cafe
“Located in downtown Fairhope, Camellia Cafe has an intimate, yet elegant atmosphere. Everything is delicious, but the entrée that I always return for is the hickory-grilled fish. The hickory wood imbues the fish of the day with a smoky flavor, balanced perfectly with a lemon butter sauce and colorful vegetables.” – Marissa Deal, Editorial Assistant, Mobile Bay Magazine
Camellia Cafe • 61 N Section St. • 928-4321

Taco Salad at P.S. Taco
“The taco salad at P.S. Taco is my new favorite lunch in downtown Mobile.  Served inside a huge crunchy tortilla bowl, this salad is almost enough to serve two people. A bed of mixed greens comes topped with corn, avocado, Jack cheese, mango salsa and your choice of meat and dressing. Chicken and cilantro lime aioli are my go-to combination. It’s hearty and flavorful, but not too heavy for lunch.” – Abby Parrot, Past Digital Editor, Mobile Bay 
P.S. Taco • 518 Dauphin St. • 376-8022

Bama Roll at Siam Thai Cuisine
“My favorite is the Bama Roll at Siam Thai Cuisine because it contains an exquisite flavor of salmon. Its sushi melts in your mouth, and the richness of the cream cheese complements the avocado and fish.”  – Brianna Grady, Editorial Intern, Mobile Bay Magazine
Siam Thai Cuisine • 915 Hillcrest Rd • 380-9111

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