4 Festive Tabletop Trees

Whether paring down this holiday or looking for unexpected ways to add festive bright spots around the house, tabletop trees are the perfect touch.

Photos by Elizabeth Gelineau // Shot on location at Antiques at the Loop

Can’t Get Enough Chinoiserie

Blue and white is perfectly classic

White Glass Ball Ornaments with Blue Floral Motif ($12), Lush Home Garden Event // Blue and White Glass Balls and Bells ($8), Robert Moore & Company // Blue and White Ceramic Pagodas, Trees and Stars  ($3 – $5), Robert Moore & Company // Velvet Ribbon, Gold Braid Garland and Pale Green Ball Ornaments, Hobby Lobby // Antique Sideboard ($1,400), Small Blue and White Vase ($18), and Small Black Metal Urn ($28), Antiques at the Loop // Large Blue and White Jar ($62) & Medium Blue and White Vase ($56), The Holiday // Steed’s Holly Tree ($17) and Black Planter ($108), Stokley’s Garden Express

A Trip to Candyland

Brings visions of sugarplums

Red and White Candy Glass Ornaments ($6), Radko “Candy Cadet” Soldier Ornament ($63), Radko “Sugar Rush” Cupcake Ornament ($40), Radko “A Sweet Treat” Gingerbread Man Ornament ($56), Light-up Gingerbread House Ornament ($9.29), Frosted Gingerbread Man Ornament ($3.50), Gingerbread Star Ornament ($6), Foam Ice Cream Cone Ornament ($2.39), Pink Foam Macaroon Ornament ($4), Glass Candy Cane Ornament ($21 for 6), Robert Moore & Company // Life Saver Garland ($19), Pastel Pom Pom Garland ($7), Pink Pom Pom Garland ($6.59), Robert Moore & Company // Small Blue Lollipop ($5), Small Purple Lollipop, ($5), Large Pink Lollipop ($6), Hobby Lobby // Lollipop Stem ($7), Pink Curled Stems ($6), Glitter Pom Pom Stems ($7.50), Christmas ‘Round the Corner // Gray Dresser ($899), Tall Glass Dessert Stand (SOLD), Small Crystal Candy Bowl ($89), Antiques at the Loop // Medium Light-up Gingerbread House ($24), Large Light-up Gingerbread House ($45), Robert Moore & Company // Eugenia Topiary Tree ($42), Green Glazed Ceramic Pot ($68), Stokley’s Garden Express

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Simply Scandinavian

Feels fresh and modern

Ceramic Pinecone Ornaments ($4.75), Red Glitter Star Ornament ($4), Wood Star Ornament ($4), Wood and Felt Star Ornament – used as tree topper ($4.59), Robert Moore & Company // Wood Bead Garland ($7), Rainbow Pom Pom Garland ($11.50), Robert Moore & Company // Red Christmas Tree Candles ($3.50 for 12), Brass Candle Holder ($10 for 12), Robert Moore & Company // Wood Mid Century Dresser (SOLD), Antiques at the Loop // Wooden Rocking Horse ($10), Robert Moore & Company // Small Natural Trees ($10 – $12), Hobby Lobby // Straw Basket ($35),Willow + Gray // Arborvitae Green Giant Tree ($16), Stokley’s Garden Express

A Treeful of Angels

is just heavenly

Clear Glass Ornament with Painted Angel ($9), Gilded Angel Wings Ornament ($7), Bronze Glitter Trumpeting Angel Ornament ($3), Fat Angel with Lamb ($7.50), Angel in Red with Lantern Ornament ($23), Gold Foil Angel with Flute Ornament ($8.50), Angel in Gold Dress Ornament ($7.50), Silver Glitter Star Ornament ($7), Bronze Cherubs ($2.29), Glitter Dove Ornament ($2.29), Robert Moore & Company // Angel Tree Topper ($23), Robert Moore & Company // Gold Bell Garland ($13), Hobby Lobby // Gold and Crystal Tassel ($7), Mauve Pearl Shimmer Garland ($7.50), Gold Twisted Rope Garland ($9.50), Gold Bay Leaves Stem ($3), Robert Moore & Company // Antique Wooden Dresser ($895), Antiques at the Loop // Red Glitter Nutcracker ($44), White Glitter Nutcracker ($40), Christmas ‘Round the Corner // Galvanized Aluminum Planter ($110), Wildflowers // Eugenia Topiary Tree ($42), Stokley’s Garden Express


We purchased real, potted trees, placed them in a few fabulous containers and decked them with all the trimmings. Our foyers and sideboards have never looked better. Just don’t forget to water, then plant in the ground once New Year’s arrives. Better yet, keep it up through Mardi Gras and give it a fresh purple and gold look!


Antiques at the Loop • 28 S. Florida St. 476-0309
Christmas ‘Round the Corner • 398 Fairhope Ave., Fairhope 928-8822
Hobby Lobby • 1310 Tingle Circle East, Mobile, 7765 Airport Blvd., Mobile, 6900 U.S. Hwy 90, Daphne
Lush Home Garden Event • 1910 Government St. 473-6121
Robert Moore & Company • 4213 Halls Mill Road 661-3608
Stokley’s Garden Express • 1451 Government St., Mobile 461-6434, 9720 Moffett Road, Semmes 929-9353
The Holiday • 4513 Old Shell Road 342-4911
Wildflowers • 50 S. Church St., Fairhope 928-6200
Willow + Gray • 14 S. Church St., Fairhope 316-6102

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