Breck Pappas


Red Alert

Harmful algal blooms, or “red tides,” have long been associated with Florida, but the Alabama coast is well within its toxic reach.

Meat Lover’s Guide

Beef up your butcher counter confidence and cooking know-how with the help of four Bay-area experts.

The Story of Old Mobile

Dear Mrs. Beverly, ” begins the 1938 letter from the Works Progress Administration of Alabama. “Referring to our effort to compile material for the proposed Almanac for Alabamians, ...

Invaders of the Gulf

PARTY CRASHER The lionfish, of the genus Pterois, is a venomous fish native to the Red Sea and the Indo-Pacific. Its spread throughout the Western Atlantic and...

The Recruits

True stories of how coaches win at the game of recruiting top players.

A Hoot and a Half

There are a couple truths about owls that you may find surprising. First, you might not know that they’re ruthless...

A Guide to Colorful Winter Gardening

Get planting now to add some homegrown nutrition and color to cool-weather meals.

The Home Advantage

Inexpensive admissions, attentive audiences and friendly vibes are making house concerts popular with music fans, guest artists and the sponsoring hosts.

Hurricane Season

Every so often, Mother Nature likes to throw a buzz saw up the Gulf of Mexico — a sort of not-so-friendly reminder of who’s really in charge. In...

Land of Healing Waters

Many are surprised to learn that Citronelle was a nationally recognized health retreat around the turn of the last century. In 1902, an observer of the city wrote,...

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