D. Morley


Beauregard’s Place

Most people just bring home photos, artwork or maybe a T-shirt as souvenirs from their travels. But four years ago, when Gail Laughner visited friends in Jackson Hole, Wyo., she...

Sunny Bungalow

Bright and comfortable: There are no better words to describe Elin and Tim Murphy’s waterfront house in Fairhope. “The home was built in 1904, and when we bought it in...

Reviving Songs of the Civil War

The Satsuma-based string band Kracker Dan dresses in flamboyant Civil War-era clothes and plays old-time tunes, some of which listeners may recognize from childhood. However, don't write...

Retirement Retreat

When Prentiss and Beverly Smith hosted their daughter's wedding at their Perdido Key condo in 2004, Prentiss, a radiologist in Brookhaven, Miss., was struck with...

Fairhope Opens Its Doors

Architecture aficionados and admiring onlookers are preparing for one of the Eastern Shore’s most anticipated springtime outings: the Fairhope Historic Homes Tour.The event began in the late 1990s when...

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