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John Sledge


The Pinecone War of 1815

Thousands of them splashed ashore on the Gulf side of Dauphin Island on February 6, 1815, resplendent in red coats, laced pelisses and highland plaid. They...

These Rugged Days: Alabama in the Civil War

   The war became much more immediate on Dec. 9 , when what were likely Alabama’s first shots in anger rumbled over Mobile Bay. A young Confederate...

The Shipwrecks of Mobile Bay

From the upper Delta to the lower Bay and adjacent Gulf waters, shipwrecks crowd our shores. It’s little wonder, since people have been navigating these waters for...

Pirate Attack!

    On September 9, 1710, a small brigantine hove into...

The Pirate Navigator

On the cusp of the 18th century, great changes were underway in the Gulf of Mexico. Spain’s almost two-centuries-long  grip on the region was weakening, and rival...

The True Story of the ‘Rachel’

Historian John S. Sledge shares the remarkable tale of the antique ship that graces the shores of Fort Morgan.

Schoolyard Rivalry

It’s easily the most intense college football rivalry in the country — Auburn vs. Alabama. And if you live in the Heart of Dixie, which team you support matters...

The Battle of Mobile Bay Revisited

Every Old Mobile family worth its salt will claim a blockade runner somewhere in the family tree. Heaven knows plenty of daring men attempted to run the formidable Yankee cordon into...

The Fall of Mobile

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, on April 12, 1865, Confederate Mobile surrendered to Federal troops. The city’s strategic importance had already been neutralized...

Westward Expansion

West Mobile. Where is it exactly? What comprises it? What are we to make of it? Questions like these periodically arise as Mobile continues to grow ever farther from...

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