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Scotty Kirkland

Scotty Kirkland

Mobile’s Other “Banana Man”

Ashbel Hubbard worked his way up the ladder of success in Mobile’s most important industry of the early 1900s.

“Activist”: The Fighting Life of Wiley L. Bolden

The lead plaintiff in the landmark Bolden v. City of Mobile case led a life of consequence and service.

A Government Street Story

The newly-renovated Downtown headquarters for the publishers of Mobile Bay Magazine is an interesting walk through Mobile history.

Telling Her Own Story: Civil Rights Activist Dorothy P. Williams

A recently rescued oral history interview helps illuminate the life of an important and dynamic figure in Mobile history.

A School’s Legacy of Service

A church and school on the African-American Heritage Trail mark a place of great consequence in the history of Mobile Civil Rights.

Ark of India

“To leave India, ” novelist Salman Rushdie wrote, “is to feel replete: Full of ideas, arguments, images, sounds, smells, faces, stories, ...

Digging Up the Past

Fifty-one years ago, duringthe summer of 1961, Mobilians gathered at Ernest F. Ladd Memorial Stadium for six nights of revelry. They sang, danced and were...

The Waterman Globe: Mobile's Transient Landmark

John B. Waterman, C.W. Hempstead, and Walter Bellingrath organized the Waterman Steamship Corporation in 1919 in response to the city’s poor port facilities during World War I....

An Ode to Oysters

Long before French vessels plied the waters of Mobile Bay, Native Americans pulled millions of oysters from its clear waters. When European explorers arrived, they found enormous...

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